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Spree7 welcomes Viktor Zawadzki to its management

, 29.04.2013,

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As the Vice President of Product Management & Business Development, Viktor Zawadzki will develop exclusive inventory and data partnerships.

Trading-Desk Service Spree7 hires agency professional as Vice President Technology and Operations

, 22.01.2013,

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Spree7 (www.spree7.com), the trading-desk service for efficient control of digital media in real-time, has appointed Thomas Kaczensky to a management position as Vice President Technology and Operations. In his new capacity, Kaczensky will be responsible for implementation of international campaigns. Through PubliGroupe, Spree7 has operations in more than 20 countries. Kaczensky will build on leading… weiterlesen

Spree7 hires Geraldine Kaiser as HR Project Manager

, 30.10.2012,

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Spree7 (www.spree7.com) hires Geraldine Kaiser as Project Manager. Kaiser will be responsible for Recruiting as well as Human Resources Development. As of now, she supports the real-time advertising specialist in finding experienced industry experts Europe-wide. Also she is in charge of Human Resources Development. The studied management expert who temporarily lived and worked in Dubai,… weiterlesen