– Daniel Shefer, with many years of expertise in product marketing, business development and sales, is company president of deal united Inc.
– deal united among the finalists of the 2010 Red Herring 100 Global Award in Los Angeles

deal united, providers of the PAY.BY.SHOPPING alternative payment method, are expanding their branch in the US. Daniel Shefer has been president of deal united Inc. in San Mateo, California since January 2011. The company will continue to have its headquarters in Munich.
Shefer expands Sales and Business

deal united has been operating from its California branch since August 2010. Shefer, with over 15 years of valuable experience in sales, product marketing and corporate development, is now in charge of the Sales and Business division at the North American location. In his last job as a business development consultant he helped many start-up companies to expand on the European and North American markets. Shefer has worked for a number of public and private sector companies, including Cimatron, NetManage, Interwise (acquired by AT&T) and SanDisk.

PAY.BY.SHOPPING available worldwide

"Daniel Shefer knows the North American sales and business market inside out. He has a wealth of experience over many years and has acquired valuable contacts in his role as president of deal united Inc. We want to carry on pushing our global business, and he’s helping us to develop the PAY.BY.SHOPPING alternative payment method as a worldwide brand," says Jarg Temme, CEO of deal united. "Silicon Valley is the most fertile place for developers of online games and software manufacturers. At the new site we can get closer to our future customers and partners from North America, and establish and expand our sales network." In PlaySpan, the world’s leading market place for virtual currency, Shefer has already gained an important client for deal united.

Red Herring 100 Global Award

Together with the expansion of their branch in Silicon Valley, deal united is also taking part in the Red Herring 100 Global Award in Los Angeles this month. They are one of the international finalists who will be presenting their business models at the event at the end of January. The winners will be announced on 26 January. The Top 100 Global list is a significant indicator of the prospects of success and the commercial achievements of international start-up companies. Back in May 2010 deal united already received the Red Herring 100 Europe Award as one of the most innovative new private companies in the technology sector.

High quality consumer goods from Premium Shopping Partners

With their PAY.BY.SHOPPING alternative payment method, deal united are offering exclusively high quality consumer goods from premium shopping partners. Online game developers, software producers and providers of online services are using PAY.BY.SHOPPING to turn players into customers, to acquire new customers and to reactivate existing customers. They get free virtual currency, extra features, services and software when they shop online from a premium shopping partner. Each partner is selected by deal united, and the offers are differentiated to suit the local markets.

About PAY.BY.SHOPPING from deal united
deal united was established in Munich in 2008. There are branches in San Mateo, CA and in Paris. deal united is the provider of the PAY.BY.SHOPPING alternative payment method, used for the monetization of digital and virtual goods. Users of online services and software as well as online games players are targeted with attractive shopping deals. They receive virtual currency, extra features and applications free of charge when they shop from one of deal united’s premium shopping partners. These include well-known companies like OTTO, audible.com, GAP and Kodak Gallery. PAY.BY.SHOPPING is available worldwide. In 2010 deal united won the Red Herring 100 Europe Award as one of the most innovative new companies in the technology sector. Investors are Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments and Venture Incubator. http://www.dealunited.com