• Music Flirting Website Fellody wanted to know: who is the sexiest Grammy Nominee 2012?
• US superstar Katy Perry ahead of Grammy rivals Taylor Swift and Beyoncé
• Women are not impressed by well-toned bodies of Kanye West, Jay-Z & Chris Brown
• Star DJ David Guetta may move the masses, but not the ladies

If the jury of this year’s Grammy Awards only consisted of men, US pop star Katy Perry would have by far the best chances of winning the most important award in the industry. Music flirting website Fellody (www.fellody.com), which matches singles based on their taste in music, asked its users which Grammy nominee is the hottest?

Men can’t get enough of Katy Perry

According to the votes of all male respondents, Katy Perry was light years ahead of her competitors and thus the hottest female Grammy nominee 2012. With songs like ‘I kissed a girl’ and her on-stage kiss with a fan, newly single Perry definitely knows how to use her musical persuasiveness. The result: Three out of four of her admirers said they would not hesitate to sleep with her. When it comes to sex appeal, she clearly triumphs over her Grammy rivals Taylor Swift (second place) and Beyoncé (third place). Power voice Adele, who is still the most promising nominee for several Grammys, might be musically convincing, but ends up 7th place with the men in the sex appeal ranking. Another singer with apparently next to no sexiness is soul queen Kelly Price, who ended up at the bottom of the ranking.

Sexy bodies of Jay-Z, Kanye West & Co. leave women cold

Anyone believing that women are turned on by the flexed bodies of R’n’B- and HipHop Stars seems to be on the wrong track. Kanye West, Jay-Z (both 7th place) and Chris Brown (6th place) have virtually no fans on the female side. Only worse off is star DJ David Guetta, who takes last position. Apparently, pop music singers with loud guitars are much more popular with the opposite sex. Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon and shooting star Bruno Mars share the top position in the attractiveness ranking. Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl and Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband, Coldplay singer Chris Martin, are closely behind in third and fourth position.

*Survey details: The survey was running for four weeks from mid-December 2011 to mid-January 2012. Fellody asked members and Facebook fans of age 16 and older to participate and 526 men and women took part in the survey. The detailed results can be found here https://www.frische-fische.de/de/presseservice/images/154/ and on the fellody blog at http://blog.fellody.com/.

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