– Trademob joins adjust’s new Preferred Data Program (PDP), which gives media partners access to powerful data through real-
time APIs
– adjust clients now benefit from plug and play retargeting campaigns on Trademob’s programmatic buying platform without the
need to implement any extra tracking
– This partnership allows adjust to automate the heavy data lifting whilst Trademob takes care of real-time campaign optimization

LONDON, SAN FRANCISCO and BERLIN, 27 May 2014: adjust, an international app analytics and attribution company, has
intensified its partnership with European mobile app marketing technology experts, Trademob. This will enable app marketers to
win back lost users, re-engage dormant users and maximize their mobile revenue.

adjust, formerly known as adeven, combines attribution for all key app marketing sources with advanced analytics and app store
statistics such as rankings, ratings and reviews. Attribution, the art of connecting clicks with their source, means that mobile app
marketers are able to tell where a user came from, when they installed the app and how much revenue they generate.

Trademob, who developed the first mobile retargeting platform focused entirely on apps late last year, has already demonstrated
up to 300 percent higher in-app conversions, and up to 95 percent lower costs for acquiring quality users through their
retargeting campaigns.

The announcement comes as adjust launches its Preferred Data Program (PDP). As a PDP partner, Trademob is now able to offer
full automation of mobile app retargeting campaigns with their real-time bidding (RTB) platform, which plugs seamlessly into
adjust’s business intelligence platform.

Mobile advertisers benefit from:
– Improved monetization from existing user base
– Reduced advertising costs
– Full transparency with detailed reporting and comprehensive analytics
– Real-time optimization through advanced and fully automated programmatic buying algorithms
– A simple plug and play solution via the adjust open source SDK

CEO and co-founder of adjust, Christian Henschel said its partnership with Trademob takes automated mobile marketing to the
next level with retargeting and real-time campaign optimization.

Hendrik Volp, Chief Revenue Officer of adjust, has been intensely discussing industry needs with clients and key players in the

“adjust’s new PDP gives our media partners additional access to data such as retargeting lists via an API, user install, session and
in-app activity as well as historical data,” Volp said. “We do the data heavy lifting, providing our PDP partners with extremely
powerful information that will help them deliver more accurate, relevant ads to people.”

The mobile industry has moved forward in the past year, away from the traditional install and download focus, towards user
retention and re-engagement marketing techniques as seen in the online world.

Trademob’s Chief Product Officer, Dr. Matthias Schoen said: “As mobile app marketing matures, our clients are looking beyond the
install to get the best value out of their user base.”

“Mobile retargeting is a more personalized approach to app marketing as it keeps existing users engaged with their app. It is the
first marketing tool to drive meaningful marketing KPIs beyond the download. Our new partnership with adjust gives us access to
sophisticated tracking technology to bring mobile retargeting campaigns to a next level.” Schoen said.

About Trademob
Trademob is Europe’s leading technology expert in mobile app marketing. From planning an app launch to re-engaging users and
maximizing revenue, the technology company helps build an app marketing strategy from day one and finds the right media mix
for every stage in the app marketing lifecycle. Coupling the world’s largest mobile inventory with its own pioneering mobile
advertising technologies, the company achieves a maximum volume of high-quality users and revenue for its clients. By leveraging
real-time bidding and retargeting through its proprietary technology platform as well as unmatched industry expertise efficient
and effective app marketing is achieved. Trademob plans, tracks and optimizes mobile user acquisition and re-engagement
campaigns across more than 250 mobile ad networks, RTB exchanges and media partners, reaching over 1 billion iOS and Android

Founded in 2010, the venture-backed company is headquartered in Berlin, servicing a multitude of international clients. Trademob
serves world-renowned brands such as eBay Classifieds and bwin.party.

About adjust (formerly adeven)
A mobile app tracking and attribution company based in Berlin and San Francisco, adjust provides app marketers with a
comprehensive business intelligence platform. As an official Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner, adjust is integrated with over
200 major networks worldwide. With the broadest network and market coverage, adjust ensures that marketers and publishers
know exactly how their app is performing anywhere in the world. adjust is also the only mobile analytics company to meet
stringent EU privacy compliance standards. Clients include some of the world’s largest brands in Asia, the EU and the Americas,
such as Baidu, Deutsche Telekom, Universal Music and Viacom. adjust delivers app analytics to the world’s largest advertising and
media agencies including Vivaki, Publicis and GroupM.

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